Research Interests

Dr. Saeed Parsa Research Interests

My research interests lie in the areas of compilers and software engineering. I relate these two subjects through reverse engineering techniques. For the time being the main focus of my research is in software testing and reverse engineering. I use a mixture of compilers and statistical techniques and highly practical software engineering methods. I am interested in automated test data generation and fault localization. I have developed new methods and algorithms for detecting the domain of a program inputs rather than the inputs data, themselves. I believe that statistical approaches to fault localization are biased by the test sets and the bias could be avoided by applying the domain coverage criterion as a basis for evaluating the data sets. We have designed and developed some components to facilitate test data generation and automated fault localization. My main research areas are:

Software Engineering

(Dashboard system design, Key performance indicators, Graph analysis)

Software Testing

(Test data generation, Fuzz testing, Performance testing)

Software Debugging

(Automatic fault localization, Defect prediction, Automatic software repair)

 Also, I have been working on the following topics:

  •  Design and development of fault detection and prediction techniques
  • Automatic test data generation for file format fuzz testing
  • Automatic detection of a program input domain space

For a brief description of my research activities, please refer to our research laboratory. If you are interested in pure research in software testing, especially at the Ph.D. level, you may contact me through my email,

More about research

  • Theories, Techniques, and Tools Which Used in Our Research

    • Statistics and Applied Mathematics
    • Machine Learning
    • Neural Networks
    • Deep Learning
    • Information Theory
    • Game Theory
    • Languages Models
    • Graph Theory
    • Data Mining
  • Previous Research Topics

    • Compiler Optimization & Programming Languages
    • Reverse Engineering & Refactoring
    • Grid and Distributed Computing
    • Formal Methods
    • Algorithms (Heuristic & Deterministic)
  • Previous Research Plans

    • Automatic Distribution of Sequential Code, 2008.
    • Automatic Parallelization of Sequential Code, 2007.
  • Supervision of Ph.D. Dissertation

    • Genetic Approach to Automatic Parallelization of Nested loops, 2008.
    • Synetic Approach to Automatic Parallelization of Nested loops, 2008.
  • Supervision of M.Sc Thesis

    • Task graph scheduling
    • Reverse engineering
    • Compiler Optimizations
    • Workflow engines and web services
    • Grid computing